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About that drought…

The last time I wrote here, I was complaining about the dry weather that we were looking at. How we had gotten about a half inch of rain for the last four weeks, and we really, really needed moisture to save the corn crop from the sweltering heat.

Well, we got a lot of heat. It was into the high 90s for several days. Rain didn’t materialize when forecasted, and we were getting ready to pack it in as far as corn yield was concerned. And then…it rained. And it rained. And it rained more. In the last six days, I’ve had around 10 inches of rain in my gauge at home. We’ve gone from being bone dry, to worried about flooding. My parents have lost some acres in the low ground they farm to ponding. We’re getting ready to spray fungicide on soybeans, and more of it will have to be done with the helicopter than we had planned. Some fields just aren’t going to dry out, and there’s more rain in the forecast over the coming week.

It’s amazing how fast things can turn in farming, when you’re dependent on the weather for your livelihood. We still lost some of the top end out of the corn yield; it suffered in that heat for about a week while trying to pollinate. But we’ll have a decent crop, now. I have a lot of hope for soybeans, they could really be fantastic with this late season moisture.

How’re things around the country?

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