Welcome to my blog! I’m Jim Doolittle, and I’m a Certified Crop Advisor with a degree in agronomy from the University of Illinois. I currently work in agronomy sales for Cooperative Plus and cover a territory that encompasses parts of southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. Home is in the small town of Hebron, Illinois, where I live on the same road that I grew up on, just 20 miles west. Some of you might know me as @cornwuff on Twitter, where I’ve kept up an eclectic stream of agriculture tidbits, pictures, and personal conversation since 2009.

I grew up in agriculture on a dairy and row crop farm in Antioch, Illinois. My parents still farm, and I remain somewhat involved in the operation, both as their agronomist and as an occasional weekend tractor driver. One of the benefits of moving back to this part of Illinois from my former job in Iowa was the chance to be closer to the home farm and my family. I’ve been mostly away from the farm for ten years, and it’s been great to be back close to it.

I should probably note here that opinions in this blog are mine, and mine alone. I don’t speak here in any official capacity for my employer, or for any of the brands I sell. Just so that there’s no confusion.

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