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February 2, 2011 2 comments

Here in northern Illinois, we just experienced the 3rd worst blizzard on record in terms of snowfall. The entire Chicagoland area was basically shut down today. We made the decision yesterday to close the office. I left the office early on Tuesday as well, just before the edge of the major storm hit us. We had been getting flurries all day, and the wind had picked up during the afternoon, so my drive home down State Route 173 looked like this at about 3pm Tuesday:

Fun Shit For Driving

It’s a short drive home, but  it still wasn’t very fun. Shortly after I got home, the snowfall rate increased dramatically, and the winds picked up even further.


It was blowing so hard, my south windows began to fill with snow.


By morning, my back porch was completely full of snow, and the front driveway was drifted in to depths approaching 3 feet. And the overnight snowplows left about 4 feet of snow at the end of the driveway.





Snowmobilers were using 173 as a path…while it was well plowed in town, much of the road was actually closed to traffic, and it was drifting quite badly out in the country.




It was quite a storm. After this, I think I’ve had my fill of snow for the year. We’re basically dug out, and I think the roads should be in good shape by tomorrow. We’re headed north to Wisconsin Dells for the Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo in Wisconsin Dells, so I’m hoping things will be clear. After that, it’s on to Minneapolis for the weekend, where we’ll be seeing friends we rarely see, and taking lots of photos at the St. Paul Winter Carnival.

Here’s a few video clips of snow, snow shoveling, and snowmobiles:

February 2nd Blizzard Aftermath from Jim Doolittle on Vimeo.

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