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December 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I had a very busy Christmas schedule this past weekend that capped off with hosting my in-laws for a Sunday evening dinner (for which I baked a pie). They departed late in the evening, and then promptly returned with a nearly flat tire. The aluminum rim was stuck tightly to the steel hub, and after hammering at it with a lightweight rubber mallet and prying at it with an inadequate crowbar, we finally gave up and dad-in-law called AAA. The truck driver brought a very hefty mallet with him, and had the tire off in no time. It was later still when they left for the second time. Jenne and I went to bed shortly afterwards, leaving mounds of dishes in the kitchen, and none of our usual weekend chores and rituals completed.

I woke up with absolutely no desire to go to work. So, I didn’t. I had vacation time to burn, no appointments scheduled, and my boss is really good about letting me run my own schedule within reason. It was definitely the right decision. I mentioned on Twitter earlier that I’m in a much better state of mind to deal with work tomorrow than I was this morning. Every now and then, you just need to take a sanity day. It does leave me with just a three day work week this week. Next week as well, since I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off to go to the Wisconsin Small Fruit and Vegetable Conference with Jenne.

I will mention one gift I received, as it will impact this blog. My parents were extremely generous this year, as they often are, and gifted me with a Panasonic Lumix G2 camera. Somewhat smaller and lighter than a full-on Nikon or Canon DSLR, this is still an extremely capable interchangeable lens camera with configuration settings for its configurations. It’s a pretty sweet piece of tech. I’m really looking forward to getting out and shooting with this and seeing what I can come up with. I’m already saving up to buy a 20mm fast prime lens.

So, definitely more photoblogging of an ag-related flavor to come, although we’ve got the winter to get through, first. We delivered 85 tons of starter fertilizer (fertilizer that farmers apply to the field at the same time they are planting seed) to a customer’s fertilizer storage last week; he joked that spring must be right around the corner. It’s a corner down a really long street, but I think I see it…

Speaking of future plans, I’m looking for content ideas for On the Stateline over the winter, when I can’t talk about the latest bug infestation or crop progress. I’ll be taking some notes at the winter agriculture conferences I’ll be attending over the next few weeks, and will continue to update the progress Jenne and I make (or don’t make!) in starting up a jam business. What else do you want to see?

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