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December 18, 2010 1 comment

December 18 – Try What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

I’ve already talked about my big idea for 2011. Jenne and I will be looking into how we can move forward on the jam production portion of that idea this next year. That’s something that will certainly take time and energy, and there are a lot of challenges in the way. Check back next year to see how I fared.

Aside from that, I have some modest personal things to try out. One is exercise more. Well, start exercising, to be honest. When I left college, where I did a fair amount of biking around campus, I weighed around 165. Now, I fluctuate between 190 and 210. Spring and summer I’m more active walking fields and moving seed bags and chemical jugs. In the winter I tend to sit around and attend lots of meetings with donuts and fattening lunches. I tried the gym thing a couple of years ago; that worked for maybe two months. So I’ve been debating buying a bike or a used elliptical trainer. The elliptical has the advantage of being usable year round, the bike has the advantage of being actually fun to use.  I live right on a bike trail, and it goes in such a direction that I could even amuse my coworkers by biking to work a few times a week.

The bike, though, doesn’t help me fight my winter weight gain. Maybe I should just buy a couple months worth of gym membership for the winter, use a little self discipline, and GO. And then get the bike in March.

On the completely frivolous side of things, I want to dabble a bit more seriously with photography. I carry an older point and shoot camera with me at work a lot, and have built up a few years’ worth of photos over at Flickr. Having an iPhone all last season was fun; anytime I wanted a camera I had one in my pocket, albeit a rather limited one. This was fun for use with Twitter, and even for getting second opinions on diagnosing crop problems .

I’m thinking of  getting a more serious camera, and actually paying attention to what I shoot. Half the fun would be figuring out camera jargon; f-stops, shutter speeds, aperture, depth of field, ect. ect. I’ve never done much beyond hit the shutter button on my current camera. I want to continue to shoot a lot of agriculture-related subjects, especially around the home farm. Chicago is a massively photo-rich environment, and I have a long day trip I want to do via Metra and the South Shore Line to the Indiana Dunes that would be fun to use a high-powered camera on.

I think these two things, combined with business research, plus all the normal challenges of my job, is plenty to bite off for next year.