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February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Today was the warmest day we’ve had here in northern Illinois for months. The high for the day was 42 degrees! Downright balmy, compared to the single digits we had just a few days ago. The sun was also out, which has been rare, lately. February is generally my least favorite month of the year; it’s slow at work, the weather sucks, everyone is touchy and on edge from being cooped up inside, and spring seems so very far away. There’s definitely been a lot of that this month, starting with the blizzard on the 1st of the month, and going right into some really crazy/stupid situations at work. I’ve been a bit mopey and out of sorts since January; the endless gray weather has definitely had a lot to do with that.

So I had to get out of the house for a while this afternoon. There’s still lots and lots of snow on the ground, but with weather this inviting, who could resist the outdoors today? I ended up just outside of town, at one of the entrances to the Hebron Trail that runs between Hebron, IL and Richmond, IL. I was expecting snow, some trees, maybe a little bit of nature. After all, no motorized vehicles allowed, right?


Well….except in winter, apparently.

The trail is apparently an official part of the many snowmobile club trails in the area. Which is fine by me; the snow was packed enough for me to walk on, and I got a few neat shots.

I walked up Seaman Road, and got a few more shots of snowmobiles, this time with some agriculture as a background.



As I posted on Twitter, the wildlife today included Arctic Cats.


As usual, the entire set is up on Flickr.

Working on a post regarding sulfur fertilization, for those of you looking for more agronomic content. That’ll be up later in the week, as I’ll be making my final trip to Wisconsin Dells this winter to attend a Winfield Solutions regional conference Tuesday and Wednesday. Until then, enjoy the photos!

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